Multispecies piano

Multispecies piano at Dutch Design Week 2023 curated by Toren van Babel

Ongoing project
Exhibited October 2023 at the Fashion Tech Farm during Dutch Design Week
Curated by Toren van Babel: Iris Bekkers and Shams Hazim

“Multispecies piano engages with themes of death, decay and multispecies living in a playful way. Central to this work is an old piano, once designed for making music but no longer up to our musical standards. It’s transformed into a basis of new life: as nutrition and habitat for various organisms. Through a number of modifications, including the removal of harmful materials and the addition of specific plant species and nesting materials, an interplay is created between the dead material of the piano and the living micro-organisms, plants and animals that use it and become part of it.

Multispecies piano is created by Anneke ter Schure (Hoorn, 1990), and shaped by the reuse of materials at hand, her background in Biology, and the question: how can we move away from a focus on production and shift towards a focus on habitability and livability for other-than-humans?”

Photo’s by Iris Bekkers and myself