Dung, Dirt & DNA

CASE: I was looking for a way to add some colour and charm to my otherwise relatively serious PhD thesis.

PROBLEM: With just a few weeks left before the deadline (and still a lot of writing to do), I needed some illustrations quickly. I also wanted to design my own book cover, but this was not allowed as there was a standard cover design.

SOLUTION: I designed and created illustrations for the cover pages of each chapter, providing a visual indication of the content. I also designed a set of stickers based on these illustrations, as well as a dust cover, circumventing the restrictions set by the university.

RESULT: A lot of happy academics and other members of the audience personalising their copy of my thesis as well as other items with the provided stickers. Due to the cost, the dust covers were limited to the members of my supervising team, opponents and family and were very well received.

For more details about my thesis see the University of Oslo archive page:
Dung, Dirt & DNA: unearthing past and present biodiversity using environmental DNA metabarcoding